About Jordi

Jordi Whitworth is bona fide triple threat musician, actor, and model positioned to take the Entertainment Industry by storm. While he is best known for his previous role in Overload, the British Boyband and 2014 X-Factor finalists; after nearly two years as part of the band, Jordi is set to begin the next chapter in his career as a solo artist with the release of his debut single, Fire.

Born in 1995, Jordi was raised in Canvey Island, Essex, United Kingdom with his parents, brother, and sister. While his family was never drawn to a career in entertainment themselves, Jordi remains close to his family, and credits their support as his motivation to pursue his dreams. Being a strong-minded individual set on pushing his personal limits, he set out on creating his own path in the Entertainment Industry.  

Prior to beginning his journey in music and his involvement with Overload, he had just finished school and was keen to pursue a career in television as an actor. Realizing he needed to get a crash course and feel for the Industry, he decided to join a recognized London-based agency, Ray Knight. While with Ray Knight, Jordi booked regular placements in hit British television shows such as: Holby City, EastEnders, Law and Order, and high profile commercials for EA Sports. Jordi’s acting career was picking up momentum and he booked a role on the BBC One series, Big School, along side Catherine Tate and David Walliams, when he was approached to join the boyband, Overload.

Before being approached to join Overload, Jordi never really considered music for a professional career path, but after being involved with the band, being introduced to names in the Industry, and learning how everything is created, he realized he loved music and this is something he wanted to do with his life. During his time with Overload, he feels lucky enough to have accomplished many things he never thought he would in his lifetime. Some of those highlights include performing at a sold out Wembley Arena of over 24,000 in attendence along side some of the biggest artists in the UK as well as performing live on primetime television through the X Factor.

Jordi recalls some of his best moments with Overload to include their time as X Factor UK finalists in 2014. Personally his time on the X Factor was an all round incredible learning experience, and getting called a Stud Muffin from Cheryl is something he will never forget.  Being able to talk to the judges and learn from some of the most successful people in the Music Industry is not something he takes lightly. One of the most difficult moments was during Boot Camp, when Overload got eliminated from their chair, Jordi grabbed a mic and demanded a sing-off causing chaos in the arena, but all because he wanted to fight for their position in the competition and prove they belonged. The X Factor was something he never expected would happen in his life, but he is forever grateful for the experience.

While the band ultimately broke up after X Factor, Jordi still credits the band as one of the best experiences of his life, and something he will never forget. Even when times were challenging with the band, it was these experiences that taught Jordi about the Music Industry and made him the artist he is today.

After leaving Overload, Jordi managed to host his own 30-minute slot on the British music channel, Chart Show TV, in which it was repeated throughout the month. It was during this time when he was working on new music in the studio that he was approached by numerous clothing companies to model and promote their brands, where he became the face of the clothing company Zero Seven, appeared on “The Only Way is Essex,” and was part of the CBBC Friday Download for the Soccer Six event.

Following a North American press tour, Jordi went back in London to finish filming the second series of E4’s Stage School. Last series, Jordi entered the series half-way through as a reoccurring cast member and undoubtedly caused some drama as the school’s new heartthrob. Both producers and fans quickly recognized Jordi for his musical talent and magnetic personality, and he was ultimately invited to join the cast of series 2 as a series regular. Now that Jordi is a series regular, the audience will get to know him on a much deeper level and experience more of his musical talent on screen. 

Expanding his acting resume to the big screen, Jordi recently wrapped filming his first feature film, Dead Ringer, in London this August. Directed by Richard Colton and produced by Teamwork Films, Dead Ringer, is an action film set in the murky underside of the pop music industry. Jordi is set to play Darren, a member of a fictitious internationally famous boy band. The film is expected to be release Summer 2018.

Up next, Jordi will be returning to the United States to release his next single, Yes No Maybe.  After releasing his debut single, Fire, earlier this year, he is looking forward to releasing more music as a solo artist and connecting with his fans in this new way because many of these fans have followed his journey as an artist over the past few years. "Yes No Maybe” is the next step in Jordi’s evolution as a solo artist. It continues to move away from the boyband bubble gum pop and aligns more with influences from his idol, The Weeknd and elements from Taylor Swift’s new sound. Jordi co-wrote the song with LA-based songwriter, Zach Alwin (credits include: MAX and Gnash). The song was recorded in Germano Studios in New York City; the studio that has recorded the platinum selling albums of Lady Gaga, Adele, Justin Bieber, Sam Smith, Madonna, One Direction, and dozens of other chart topping artists who have passed through New York.  The song was produced and mixed by Manny Park (Credits include: Zayn, Lendrick Lamar, Young Thug, Ellie Goulding, Big Sean, Logic, Chance The Rapper, and John Mayer). Yes No Maybe will be released Spring 2018 before hitting the road again. He draws influence from a variety of artists, including: Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, The Weekend, and Justin Bieber. He admires these artists because they represent a different sound in the industry, an element of distinct uniqueness, something he would like to accomplish during his career. Jordi enjoys a song that switches up halfway through to something unexpected, like Cody Simpson’s Surfboard or Chris Brown’s X, and it is something fans may expect in Jordi’s upcoming music.

Jordi’s goal as an artist is to inspire people that think being normal is all they will ever be, when really anything is possible, and he is a glowing example of that sentiment. At the end of the day, Jordi wants his fans, friends, and family to be happy; he wants to look back on his life and agree with the decisions he has made and not regret anything. 

Apart from his passions in music, acting, and modeling, Jordi enjoys racing Motocross. Prior to pursuing entertainment in a professional capacity, Jordi raced Motocross at a high level all over the country.  When he is not working on new music or spending time with his family, Jordi can often be found in the gym. He loves to stay active and as with all aspects of his life, Jordi wants to continue to challenge himself and push his personal limits.

In addition to following his dreams and inspiring his fans, Jordi devotes his time and support to a charity very near and dear to his heart, called The Indee Rose Trust. The Indee Rose Trust is aimed to help children and their families who have been diagnosed with a brain or spinal tumour. The organization all started with a little girl called Indee Rose, who was a close friend of Jordi’s niece. They attended school together and became close to the family, but unfortunately Indee passed away from a brain tumor.  Indee’s parents used this tragedy to start a charity in her honor to help others suffering from the same condition, and Jordi has been involved ever since.

Jordi currently resides in Essex, United Kingdom.

I think you put your heart and soul into something, and you want to do something so badly, and you are passionate about it, you can make anything happen. Whether it be singing, acting, being a doctor, being whatever you want to do. I think you can be whatever you want to be if you wanted to at whatever age. And that’s kind of the message I want to get across to everyone.”